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Anaemic crowd still has a lot of in the life, cent is two kinds of circumstances most anaemia, one kind lacks body element to cause inside the body, and another kind of amount that is hematopoiesis dry cell decreases appear, no matter be which kind of reasons, anaemia can be treated, if did not get attention, can cause the patient’s leukaemia probably, so got anaemia, which 4 inspections does need make?

What does anaemia check 4 times

What anaemia points to 4 times is: Red blood cell of albumen of B12 of folic acid, vitamin, iron, hurried makes element.

This combination basically is for convenient clinician and patient, make the doctor can understand the reason of patient anaemia, andShanghai noble baby

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Undertake specific aim ground is treated.

What does anaemia check 4 times

① folic acid:

Folic acid is by the Die Ling Ding, compound that waits for composition to amino benzoic acid and glutamic acid, it is a kind of water-solubility vitamin of B a group of things with common features. Folic acid already got early to the important nutrition of human body confirming namely 1948, the mankind (or other animal) if lack folic acid to be able to cause Ju Yougong,cellular sex anaemia and leucocyte reduce disease, still can bring about the body faint, irritable, lose one’s appetite and mental symptom. In addition, research returns discovery, folic acid is right pregnant woman especially important1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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② vitamin B12:

Vitamin B12 calls cobaltic amine element again, the vitamin B12 in nature is microbial complex, advanced move a plant to cannot make vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is to need secretion of path of a kind of bowel (inside source factor) a kind of vitamin that helps the only that ability is absorbed. Some people because intestines and stomach is unusual, lack this to plant inside source factor, although prandial in origin also can suffer from malign anaemia amply. The plant basically does not have vitamin B12 in sexual food. It grows in the retention period inside alvine path, need 3 hours about (most water-solubility vitamin needs a few seconds only) ability is absorbed. Of vitamin B12 basically be bornShanghai Long Feng forum

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Manage function is to share production marrow red blood cell, avoid malign anemia, prevent cerebrum nerve to be destroyed.

What does anaemia check 4 times

③ iron albumen:

Use the protein of the iron of exists extensively a kind of keep in storage inside frond. In lactation kind the liver of the animal and lienal in content is most. Its external diameter makes an appointment with 12 ~ 14nm, way of empty bursa antrum is long make an appointment with 6nm, crust (take off iron iron albumen namely) by 24 inferior base composition, every Yajiyao contains 163 amino acid incomplete radical, every element can combine 4500 iron atom at most. Molecular quantity is 450kd about. The iron egg white that joins iron is ” dissolve ” at water, the iron that stores inside the chroma of serous iron albumen and body becomes direct ratio. Serum iron albumen is elevatoryLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The origin that the reason is iron albumen increases or put in clear. When if suffer from cancer of cancer of the liver, lung cancer, pancreas, leukaemia,waiting, iron albumen increases cancer cell complex, make serum iron albumen elevatory. Suffer from cell of the liver when liver is illFall in love with the sea

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Damage function drops, make serum iron albumen elevatory.

④ closes to red blood cell makes element:

Hurried red blood cell generates element is pair of red blood cell have the humoral sex factor that enhances action. Measure 6-7 for the element the candy albumen of 10 thousand, the content of candy is much, already proved to there is its presence in blood and make water. The dry cell become divided that did not split up does a cell into department of red blood cell (Erythropoietin Responsive Cell) , hurried red blood cell generates element to produce effect here, cell of made the Cheng Gong before turning into. Knit red blood cell to become red blood cell, network to maturing again further, the synthesis of haemoglobin and flow into end blood-vessel to wait to all have stimulative effect. It is commonly when anaemia and low oxygen condition, organize the need to oxygen according to the body, the supply quantity that closes to red blood cell makes element will increase, but when the kidney is anaemic its content is very low.

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